Solid Subframe Riser Bushings - S/R/Z Chassis *Scratch and Dent*

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Solid subframe riser bushings to replace the old worn out factory bushings in the rear subframe. These help eliminate wheel hop and get rid of unwanted slop in the rear end making for a better handling and driving vehicle. These also raise the subframe ~1/2" in order to correct suspension geometry on lowered cars.

-Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum


-Raises subframe for corrected geometry on lowered cars

-Chamfered edge for easy installation

-Allows for the use of stock centering washer 

*These are discounted since they have minor imperfections in the finish, this does not affect their performance. You smash them into your subframe with a hammer anyways, so realistically they'll end up the same either way lmao*